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Grow up
I've been meaning to email you guys for awhile on how immature you ladies love to be. I've listened to you ladies for awhile and just noticed you women have a lot of good topics but go about being 40 something or however old you ladies are by making fun of everything, You ask people to call in and like dumbasses America calls in and what do you do is make fun of them doesn't matter what they say either if its intelligent or not you just love to be hey let's make fun of this person like you are morons in the 6th grade.  The reason you guys survive on the radio is because America lives on idiocy and guess that's all you are. Whole show of morons that can't hold their dick when they piss, so thanks for entertaining the stupid with your stupidity. You guys are part of the problem with America where we want to educate the world but it doesn't help when we have morons like  you dumbing down America. Thanks. Wow you guys went to school for communication big deal, go to school for 9 10 years and become a doctor and save lives instead you dumb them down or make fun them and feel worthless. I don't how any of you are married because I can't see anybody standing you guys if your like anything like your show outside the show.

Lebanon, TN

My biggest complaint is Free and Hotwings, there ignorant and when there taking about something serious they shouldn't try to make a joke out of it. I would say give them funny topics to talk about, but one of them tells a joke and laughs the whole time. Doesn't he know that you don't laugh yourself, let that other Moran laugh first. I like the music that's why I try to out that station, but I can't listen to them guys. There getting worse the the old rocky and sue show, they got rid of Sue so maybe it's time for new people at your station. Today they were making jokes about Brain surgery, what til the next topic to joke. You should take a poll on them you will find out how much people don't like them.
How much you suck.
Dear Free Beer & Hot Wings,

You guys suck.  I hear the clips for your show and they are just NOT funny.  If the clips you choose are the funniest thing you have to offer from an entire show, then the show itself has to be horrible!  I thought Crockett and Campbell on 98.5 was bad.  You guys are worse!  The radio station itself is great, but can't there be one local radio station out there that doesn't have some unfunny morning talk show?  Can't I have one local radio station that doesn't have some douchebags laughing into a microphone for 3 hours while giving their unfunny and unnecessary opinion about some stupid, shitty topic?


F You!

Harrisburg, PA
Dear, the Free Alcohol and Spicy Wings Show;

My name is Veronica.. I am a post-op female. I use to be a man, so some of the things you guys say isn't too offensive.. it's when you start talking poorly about females that really grinds my gears. I'm assuming you all smell like old spice deoderant and cheetos. So there shouldn't be much to make fun of anyone about. If I had three bananas, 2 chainsaws and 3 gorillas I'd murder you all.. Thanks..

I HATE you bunch of douchebags
I want to let you all know that I was so thrilled when Bob and Tom went off the air here that I got a semi chub, then I heard you bunch of jackasses trying to be funny but dont really know how. All you want to do is make fun of people that cant defend themselves cause you just hang up on them if they try, you are a bunch of pussies I knkow you guys would never talk s*** to someone on the street cause you would get beat down. The only thing good on this show is when I hear what Hotwings thinks cause I knkow its almost over and I can enjoy music like aradio station was intended to do. Hope you all choke on a big pud you pansy ass pussies

Nashville, TN
You guys suck
I just want you to know you have single handedly ruined the first four hours of the morning of a really good radio station. Your show is a joke. Y'all are a bunch of jack asses. You advertise Carbonite on your show. Well I hope you back up everything but your ability to broadcast and the whole system crashes. I just wanted to let y'all know you f------ SUCK and myself and everyone I know has stopped listening to the Vulcan in the mornings. Have a nice day losers.

Birmingham, AL
Show Sucks
Freedom of speech may be a right guaranteed by Veterans, like myself. I tried to listen to your show and didn't care for it. I gave it 2 more random chances. I was apalled. The sexist views that I heard disgusted me. I reffer back to the topic of 'self check outs' and that women are not smart enough to use them.
First of all, if you hadn't noticed, there are more women working as a cashier then men. They do the job well.
Secondly, if people are not 'trying to beat their previous time record' does not mean they are incompetent. You insisting that they must be only shows how idiotic you really are.
The world does not revolve around you.
Finally, if you really think that you are so much better at performing that task, then do it yourself!

Do not criticize others without knowing the information or what they are going through. It just might suprise you.
Your program was thrown onto our radio station in Knoxville, Tennessee. I have heard more complaints about the stupidity then about how good the show is. Thanks to your program, I have stopped listening to the station. Silence during a comute is far better. Hell, listening to paint rust is more entertaining.
We have the freedom of speech. The freedom to open ones mouth and not offend, by reason of stupidity, is an entirely differrent matter.

Knoxville, TN
free beer hot wings
You guys talk about fox and nbc news show how anyone can listen to them and about all the back and forth s*** talking and your right but... How are you idiots any better. You f*** talk shit about everybody even your listeners. You act like you guys are the bomb about everything and your not. You f***ing h***s have a great look for radio. You look like you guys still live in your parents basement playing video games and have toilet paper stuck to your fingers from j***ing off cause you sure as hell can't get laid on your looks or as soon as your open your mouth and the immature s*** that falls out surely's not going to get you in some p****. Listening to some of the crap you guys think you no about women is unbelievable you guys haven't made it past middle school yet when it comes to women. All AM radio shows are the same they all have s*** talkin q**** like yourselves. Your no better than women in their morning coffee gossip in fact women would be better to listen to than you guy oh well your close enough to be women.

Selma, OR
you. guys. suck
Ive caught your show on about 7 occasions when the kids missed the bus. You suck and you know it. I hope you become unemployed soon, your fake ass show is an embarrassment. I waited for months before finally emailing you. When you said something about lex and terry, I laughed. Not because you are better, but because the only way you might even get mentioned on their show is if you kill someone. You do not hold a candle to even kid kratic, however in the hell you spell it, and they sound fake and scripted. I would say you sound scripted, but if thats true, you need to have your writers shot. you made fun of whitney houston, of whom I was never a fan. I may not like her music, but I would never try to pull off the lame ass jokes that you tried to. There wasnt a smile in the room was there? When you are dead, I hope lots of people that you knew will breathe a sigh of relief and speak ill of you in front of anyone who may have loved you, which I am sure is not many if any at all. I am going to email your home station and all of your affiliates and hopefully, if enough of us do it, you will be working at the local---wait, omg, I dont want you even serving my burgers. If you can screw up a 4 hour morning show, you would probably screw up my big mac. Actually, just drop dead. Please.

Madisonville, TN
Something wrong
Every eve I sit and constantly scan back and forth for good tunes to enjoy life a little. 99% of the times I hit your channel all I hear is TALK !!! Take a wonderful lesson from Howard Stern... Play the most kick ass music, and if you have to talk.. Make it funny and breef.. NO ONE buys a powerful stereo to hear some jerk who thinks he is funny. When the jerk talks.. EVERYONE turns the stereo down.. What does that say? We buy stereos for music, not talk.. If you are not smart enough to figure this out.. Your sponsers are stupid too!!

Saco, ME
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