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Dumber Than The Show Trivia
The concept of Dumber Than The Show Trivia is simple: Beat one of us at trivia, win a cash prize. Every time we win, the pot rolls over to the next week so the more we win, the bigger the pot gets! The weekly prize is $500.

Listen every day for your chance to qualify to be a Dumber Than The Show Trivia contestant. We randomly select the opponent from our list of weekly qualifiers and if we choose you, you'll take us on Thursday morning at 8:30 Eastern / 7:30 Central in a battle of wits. Answer more questions correctly than us and the pot is yours!

Official Contest Rules

Free Beer plays on Thursday and the pot is currently $1,500!
Recent Winners
Will Ritz, Albany, NY - July 26, 2018
Kyle Taylor, Flint, MI - May 10, 2018
Chris Royal, Martha's Vineyard, MA - May 3, 2018
Guy Trobaugh, Kokomo, IN - April 26, 2018
Russell Lewis, Grand Rapids, MI - April 19, 2018
Trey Amberg, Nashville, TN - March 29, 2018
Jason Shafer, Benton, Kentucky - March 15, 2018
Jason Bowman, Owosso, MI - March 8, 2018
Dennis Long, Flint, MI - February 15, 2018
Josh Vandenbrink, Greensboro, NC - February 8, 2018