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Through the eyes of an Intern
Posted by Mel on July 30 2012
Through the eyes of an Intern
It hasn't been long, only a little over two weeks now, since I became an intern for the show, but I am finally starting to feel comfortable around the guys. It's not that they aren't welcoming. It's the fact they are the voices behind a nationally syndicated talk show. Intimidating, none-the-less. Let me tell you, they have made it me feel more than welcomed. I know they are secretly waiting for my first huge mistake or embarrassing story to fuel the hilarity that they are renowned for, even at a mere intern's expense.

I am only in the studio twice a week (Monday/Wednesday) for four hours at a time. While I sit there, answering your phone calls, I have a front row seat to the action and even during my brief time here I have found that it is by far more entertaining experiencing the show visually than being only a listener. I have noticed that each of the guys have their own quirks, flaws and characteristics that often fly under the radar and I am here to tell you about every embarrassing detail.

Greg "Free Beer"
One of the original members of the show, I could tell right away that he was the "King of the Castle." It impresses me how he is able to handle the boards and lead each segment. His mispronunciation and sound effects make the show that much better, I give him props. He always has a story to tell or advice to give making the early mornings slightly tolerable. Free Beer lives up to his voice, calm and collected.

Chris "Hot Wings"
Out of all of the five guys, Hot Wings is the "quietest." Though knowledgeable about the topic at hand, you can always count on him to have a verbal screw-up. Trouble finding the right words are his specialty, often leading to long tangents and creating segments of its own. While the guys throw it back in his face, Hot Wings just sits back and takes it. How he's put up with them for so many years, I don't know.

Eric Zane
O boy, where do I begin? Zane is my favorite because he not only speaks his opinion but is very animated when he does so. Moving up and down, leaning back and forth and often hitting the microphone with his nose during segments makes me wonder if he has some sort of hyperactive disorder. During breaks he is stretching, lunging between two chairs or running to move his car from the sidewalk. It's not what Zane does that I notice the most, it's what he eats. Like a monkey in the zoo, I watch him daily prepare and eat his breakfast. He is an interesting specimen indeed. I could write a blog about Zane alone, but I'll save some secrets for the next time.

Producer Joe
From listening to the show prior to my internship, I have noticed that Joe is easily picked upon. From Joe stunts to his "giggle" the guys have plenty material to make him feel awkward, but I secretly I think he enjoys. Him and I often exchange a short conversation in the break area while he waits for his oatmeal to warm, and he is a regular guy. They all are regular guys who happen to be famous radio personalities, which makes this internship great.

Producer Steve
Out of all the guys, I am in closest contact with Steve because we share a booth during the show. When he is not lost in the world of editing audio, we talk about anything and everything regarding the show. I was lucky enough to be in the room when, he "freaked out" over the conference room incident. After he "hulked" out I realized I had underestimated him. Note taken, don't piss off Steve.

Last week, Free Beer told me "this will be the lowest point in our careers." If it's the lowest point, the bottom doesn't seem too bad to me. Overall, I can't wait to learn from the guys and see where this internship could take me. I couldn't have asked for better or funnier mentors.

Until next time,
Intern Mel

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