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A Rock Climber Rescued A Chihuahua After He Fell Down A Cliff Face (Video)
Posted by Zach on July 11 2017

Humans and dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Dogs look out for humans and humans look out for their furry companions.  This story is all about how one man stepped in to save a dog after a 30 foot fall.

Vivian Alex is going through a rough time in her life and her Chihuahua, Courage, is her support system. One day, Vivian was going on a drive with Courage and her friend when Courage somehow fell 30 feet down a cliff face.  Vivian called animal control for help, but they were not prepared for a rescue.  Just then, a runner came up and said that she should call some rock climbers for help.

Tyson Schoene, a climbing coach, answered the call and rushed over to help.  Tyson quickly put his gear on and raced down to the injured pooch.  Tyson said that he was happy to help since was also a Chihauhau owner and knows just how much dogs can mean to someone.  Thankfully, Courage is expected to make a full recovery. 

Source: NBC News

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