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Wisconsin School District Has AJ McLean From Backstreet Boys Help Announce Their Snow Day (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on January 15 2018
Most students and parents find out about snow days through a call from the school, maybe that scrolling list on TV, but rarely does a former Backstreet Boy introduce a song by the school's administration to make the announcement. 

Honestly, just a quick memo would do but we can for sure applaud the effort! 

With their new version of I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys, the Cumberland Beavers' administration put together a full music video. 

Now, we are torn between thinking this is awesome and wishing we had this done for us and telling them to get the heck out of here. 

Also, as far as AJ McLean goes, you know your career is on the downswing when your most recent gig is telling high schoolers they have snow days. The saddest part is, those kids probably don't know who he is...
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