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Watch A Journalist's GoPro Camera Get Hit By A Sniper Bullet (Video)
Posted by Steve on May 18 2017
The video clip below is just crazy and will probably give you chills, because it's nearly the last seconds of this journalist's life.  In the video, an Iraqi journalist is shooting vdeo when he takes a direct hit from a sniper bullet.  Fortunately, though, the journalist walks away from the ordeal unharmed.  When the clip is slowed down, you can see that the bullet didn't actually hit him, but the GoPro that he had strapped to his chest took a direct hit!  That's pretty scary.  What's really crazy is how calm the guy sitting in the driver's seat of the vehicle remains!  That's military training for ya!

The buzzing sound about two seconds into the video is actually the unprocessed audio of the bullet ricocheting off the camera housing.  Damn.
Tags:  crazygunsinjurymilitarysoldiersweapons
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