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Tiger On The Loose In New York Turns Out To Be Just A Very Large Raccoon (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 13 2018
We've all heard our fair share of stupid reasons people have called 911, like that time a lady called and asked if there would be real dinosaurs in her town but this one may just top that.

After 911 calls about a "tiger" roaming the streets of Washington Heights, New York officers went searching for the wild animal but found something completely different...a raccoon! 

Granted, apparently this was a very large raccoon but a tiger? Come on, people! 

One call said there was a small tiger on the loose while another call claimed it was some sort of large feline "possibly with rabies." 

While they didn't find a tiger, we're sure these dispatchers were reminded, once again, how downright stupid people can be! 

Raccoons, tigers, it's really an honest mistake anyone could've made...or at least any idiot.
Tags:  911animalsemergencyfunnywtf
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