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This MMA Body Shot To The Gut Is So Brutal, It Hurts Us Just Watching It (Video)
Posted by Steve on January 23 2018
None of us are even remotely badass enough to consider doing MMA. We know our limits, and MMA far exceeds them. And what takes place in the video below is part of the reason.

At Bellator 192 last weekend, Aaron Pico was fighting Shane Kruchten and they were just 30 seconds into the first round when Pico delivered one of the most devastating body shots ever, ending the fight in less than a minute. The sound alone from Pico's fist connecting with Kruchten's gut is enough to make you nauseous. Kruchten dropped to the mat in pain immediately and the fight was over just like that.

So yeah...we won't be hitting up the MMA gym anytime soon.
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