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Security Guards On A Ship Fight Off Somali Pirates In A Flurry Of Gunfire (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 24 2017

Yes, pirates are still a thing. No, they (mostly) don't still have peg legs, scurvy and eye patches. And yes, even with all of our torpedoes and guns that can blow up practically anything, Somali pirates on small fishing boats still pose a threat to giant ships.

This is not to discredit the hard work of the security guards on these ships because we will, hopefully, never truly know what these "pirates" can do, but damn!  We should probably figure out a way to stop this. We've had pirates on the high seas since, well, a long time!

We've seen Captain Phillips and let's just say that if that ship would have had these guys, that whole story wouldn't have even happened and Tom Hanks wouldn't have made all that money. As soon as these guys see the incoming boats of pirates, the guns start firing. It's pretty amazing how seemingly calm these guys are, but it’s probably because they know the other guys don't really stand a chance. 

In the end, gunfire is exchanged, the boat remains untouched by the hijackers and we get this wonderful video.

Tags:  boatscrazygunspiratesviolenceweapons
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