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Raleigh Man's House Has Been Hit Six Times By Drunk Drivers (Video)
Posted by Jake on August 16 2016

Carlo Bernarte's house has been crashed into six times by drunk drivers. That's right, SIX times! After the most recent crash, he's pleading with the city of Raleigh to do something about the persistent expense and risk to safety. The crappiest thing about this is that they pulled his homeowner's insurance because of the problem. Isn't this exactly why we all pay for insurance? So that when these things happen, people can at least feel somewhat financially secure?

Bernarte says he jumps any time he hears road noise, like screeching tires or honking horns. With a family of five living in his Bermuda-triangle-like house, it's no wonder he's got some PTSD. Hopefully he finds some help soon before number seven hits!

Tags:  accidentsalcoholcrazydamagedriversdrunkdrunk driverwtf
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