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Police Arrest A Guy For Auto Theft And Find He Has A Pet Monkey With Him (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on June 11 2018
When cops finally caught up to a car thief in Holiday, Florida they were met with quite a surprise when the perp had a diaper-wearing monkey on a leash on his shirt. 

Cody Hession had stolen a car earlier in the morning before driving 35 miles and getting arrested after driving the car from a parking lot into a ditch. When police went to detain Hession he had his pet monkey "Monk" with him. 

He told police he got Monk a few years ago from a breeder in South Carolina but he did not have an exotic animal permit so police had to confiscate Monk. 

They ended up uncuffing Hession so he could sign paperwork and say his goodbyes to the monkey but not before giving him a kiss...on the lips... 

If we're being honest, yeah this is weird, but we know it was not the weirdest thing those Florida police officers had seen that day, it's Florida

Source: The Smoking Gun 
Tags:  animalsarrestedcarsfunnypetspolicestolenthief
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