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Man Burns Down His Parents' Home Because His Brother Farted In His Face 10 Years Ago (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on January 19 2018
Joel Cruz is a 29-year-old man but age and maturity was not enough to stop him from burning down his parents' home because of something his brother did to him a decade ago. 

Apparently a fart in the face creates a lifetime of anger and this guy has been waiting to relieve himself of this for 10 years! 

That's why when Cruz was home alone one day he was reminded of that fatal fart and decided to put some oil in a pot, turn the stove on high and run away. 

According to police, Cruz said he had voices in his head which prompted a mental inspection and even an attempt to send him to a state hospital. 

Just goes to show you should be careful who you piss off now because in ten years it could come back to blow up in your face. 
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