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In An Ironic Twist Miss Thailand Mixes Up Steve Harvey's Name (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on November 27 2017
Well, the Miss Universe pageant happened last night and as Steve Harvey was the host again, we could not help but be reminded of his flub from last year! 

If you forgot, last year when Steve went to announce the winner of the pageant. The winner was actually Miss Philippines but when he misread the card, he announced that the winner was the first runner-up, Miss Colombia. In a heartbreaking display, the crown was then taken away from Colombia and placed on Philippines. 

Of course, people have not let Mr. Steve Harvey live that one down, but he was still allowed a chance at redemption for this year. However, his "redemption" was also met with a little hair of the dog that bit him! 

During the interview portion, Miss Thailand was answering her questions and kept calling Steve "Harvey."

No, not Mr. Harvey. Just Harvey. It was as if she genuinely thought his last name was actually his first name! 

Of course it's not as bad and didn't happen to completely destroy anyone's hopes and dreams but we can't help but laugh! 

Checkmate, Harvey. 
Tags:  celebritiesfailfunnypageanttelevision
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