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Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Carry A Stone In Your Vagina (Video)
Posted by Steve on January 18 2017

Last year, Gwenyth Paltrow expounded on the virtues of having one's vagina steamed.  Not all the medical experts were in her corner on that one, but that isn't stopping her from suggesting more vag improvements!  Paltrow now has an item on her Goop website called the Jade Egg.  It's a polished stone in the shape of an egg and you carry it with you in your purse...your lady purse.   

So what are the benefits of this insanity?  The website says, "Fans say regular use increases chi, orgasms, vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general."  Sure. 

The Jade Egg costs $66, and while it's currently sold out at Goop, these things aren't new.  You can find them all over the place.  Just Google "Jade Egg" or "Yoni Egg."

October is the month of DV Awareness, represented by the color purple. For those who are healing from this kind of experience, consider working with one, or all of these Organic Blood Yoni Eggs: Picasso jasper is a stone that brings joy and awareness of the beauty in your surroundings and in others. Use it if you're feeling guilty about taking time for yourself and for self care. Bringing calm to difficult situations, it assists in the transformations of relationships of all kinds. Rose Quartz provides a soft, feminine, compassionate energy that will comfort and nourish. It will work to dissolve emotional wounds, fears, resentment, and feelings of jealousy. It will aid you in healing a broken heart and to release grief. Rose Quartz provides a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment enabling is user to give and receive in full capacity. It is used to deepen love and forgiveness for others. Snowflake Obsidian is the stone of clearing and release. It aids in releasing anger, greed, jealousy, and resentment by bringing emotions up and out. It releases old karmic patterns, energy blocks, feelings of isolation, and negativity. It brings together the polarities of your life, creating more balanced experiences in making decisions, balancing your personality, and staying in your center. Strengthen your determination to accept yourself for who and what you are. Black obsidian is the stone of the gentle and soft hearted. It's very helpful in processing traumas, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse. Its power can be overwhelming because it brings negative emotions and unpleasant truths to the surface to process, sometimes before you're prepared to deal with them. But these things have to be dealt with before peace can be restored. Use code SURPRISE at yonieggs.com during checkout and save 40% #yoniegg #yonieggs #obyonieggs #organicblood #obsisterhood #crystals #crystaleggs #semipreciousstones #divacup #mooncup #womanhood #selfcare #natural #youputthemwhere?!

A photo posted by Organic Blood Yoni Eggs (@obyonieggs) on Oct 5, 2016 at 5:01pm PDT


The new year is here and the atmosphere is thick with resolutions and realized goals! One of the most popular resolutions is to increase/sustain financial abundance. Amethyst, Bloodstone, and Green Aventurine are all wonderful Yoni Eggs that can assist you along your financial path. Crystal Quartz is an amplifier, which increases power to any other stone/crystal you may be working with, in addition to balancing your chakras. Shop yonieggs.com and enjoy the IAMLOVE sale currently happening. While you're there, don't forget you can preorder Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Carnelian! #yoniegg #yonieggs #obyonieggs #organicblood #obsisterhood #crystals #crystaleggs #semipreciousstones #divacup #mooncup #womanhood #selfcare #natural #youputthemwhere?!

A photo posted by Organic Blood Yoni Eggs (@obyonieggs) on Jan 6, 2017 at 10:00am PST



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