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Dump Truck Driver Forgets To Lower His Bed, Takes Out Highway Sign (Video)
Posted by Steve on August 25 2017
None of us are dump truck drivers so we have know way of knowing for sure, but we have to imagine that the first thing they teach you in dump truck driving school is that you have to put your truck bed in the "down" position while driving.  Unfortunately for the driver in the video below, he must have been absent from dump truck school that day.

A man driving on the East Loop in Houston noticed a dump truck driving with its bed in the up position and did what any good citizen would do: he pulled out his phone and started recording!  Sure, he could have tried to warn the driver about the impending doom, but that's not what people do in this day and age.  Perhaps the most surprising part of this whole video is that the guy recording chose to follow closely behind, despite knowing what was about to happen!  

The dump truck driver's condition is unknown, but hopefully he's OK...and looking for a new job.

Source: Carlos EscobedoABC 13

Tags:  accidentcrashdamagefailinjurytrucks
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