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Dog Dies On A United Flight Because Of An Attendant's Idiotic Move (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on March 14 2018
Here's your regular reminder that United Airlines is the absolute worst. Recently a mother traveling with two young children and her small French Bulldog was told by a flight attendant she had to put the dog in the overhead bin for a three-hour flight, leading to the pup's death. 

The mother had the 10-month-old puppy in a small, airline approved pet carrier and had it by her feet, where it is typically supposed to go, when the dumba** flight attendant told her it had to go up in the overhead. The attendant insisted the dog would be fine and have proper ventilation so the mom reluctantly agreed. 

Upon landing after three hours, the puppy was unresponsive and it was apparent that the dog was dead. 

Another passenger on the flight who sat behind the dog's family said in a Facebook post, "Today, I boarded my last United flight." 

United has since released an apology and said they are looking into the incident. We sure can't wait to see what they do about it...oh wait, they probably won't do anything. We forgot, this is United we're talking about. 

Rest in peace, Papacito. 
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