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College Student Saves A Squirrel's Life By Administering CPR To The Beat Of 'Stayin' Alive' (Video)
Posted by Steve on April 04 2018
When college student Natalie Belsito saw a squirrel drowning on the campus of Central Michigan University last week, she immediately stepped in to help rescue it. After getting the squirrel out of the water, she began to administer CPR with skills that she learned from the NBC show The Office.

In an episode from Season 5 of the hit series, the staff of the Scranton-based Dunder Mifflin learned that to properly give CPR, compressions should be given to the beat of the Bee Gee's song "Stayin Alive," or about 100 beats per minute. Belsito said that she had that episode in her mind while giving the squirrel CPR. And, well, it worked!

After taking the squirrel back to her dorm and warming it up with a hair dryer and some towels, Belsito then took the squirrel back outside, where it quickly hopped out and scampered up a tree! It worked!

Not surprisingly, Belsito is studying biology wildlife conservation at CMU.

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