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An Old Man Had To Sell His Home To Pay For The Forced Paint Job That The City Ordered (Video)
Posted by Steve on February 23 2017
This is one of those stories that will really make you angry.

86-year-old Bill Yarmovich of Ryley, Alberta in Canada, really got screwed over recently.  Back in April of 2015, the town of Ryley decided that they wanted to clean things up a bit.  Now, it's worth noting that Ryley doesn't seem like the nicest of places.  It's a run down town that kind of looks like hell.  It's the kind of place that looks like their heyday was about 50 years ago, but once the big industry left town, they never recovered.  But anyway, back to the story.

Yarmovich received a notice saying that he had to paint his house, in order to "keep the village of Ryley clean and attractive."  But being that he's 86 and all and on a fixed income, that's not the easiest request to fulfill.  So Bill started painting and managed to get a third of the way through before falling off the ladder and hurting himself.  Then there was a ton of rain. Bill didn't get the job done before the assigned deadline, so the town stepped in and finished the job for him.  Pretty nice of them, right?  Nope.  They then handed him a bill for over $3,000!  And with interest and late fees, that quickly ballooned to over $4,000.  Bill just didn't have the money.

Unfortunately, there's no happy ending to this story.  Bill had to sell his home in order to pay back the debt.  He's now looking to get the hell out of Ryley, and who can blame him?  And the worst part?  His home isn't even close to being the worst in town.  In fact, one City Counselor's home was MUCH worse than Bill's!  

So get the hell out of there, Bill.  You don't deserve that crap.  Plus, there are much, much nicer places that you can live! 
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