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Aggressive Goose Wreaks Havoc On Florida Neighborhood (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on April 13 2018
There's a wild goose on the loose in a DeBary, Florida neighborhood and has come to be known as the neighborhood, bully! 

Not only does the goose destroy property and honk obnoxiously through the streets, but he also will either attack or follow people from the school bus stop! 

According to neighbors, the goose has not always been such a jerk, though. They say it all started after one of his other goose buddies passed away. 

Yeah, breaks your heart a little doesn't it? 

This goose is just lashing out because he needs some love and friendship and who can really hate that? 

Okay, well if he destroys your stuff maybe you could. But still! Someone get this goose a gaggle of pals! 
Tags:  animalsfunnymeanneighbors
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