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A Woman Shows Up To A City Council To Complain About Her Divorce And As For Help (Video)
Posted by Steve on July 11 2018
There's something about videos from city council meetings that we just...love. There are the bros that show up to the Los Angeles City Council meetings from time to time, asking for a life-size statue of Paul Walker. Just last week, a man addressed a city council about legalizing genital massages. Apparently, anything goes at these meetings. And that has never been more apparent after watching the most recent video!

Resident Lisa showed up at a city council meeting where they were discussing rezoning of a particular business. But instead of talking about that, she instead went into a diatribe about how she was getting divorced, her husband wasn't giving her any money and now no one (NO ONE!) was giving her help in any way...not her father, her dead mother, her step mother, her daughter, NO ONE!

After about two minutes of Lisa ranting, one of the city council members asked her if she had any comments on the planned rezoning. Her response? "I don't like Facebook and I don't like the internet because I can't find a job."

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