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A Man Was Photographed Riding A City Bus With A 30 Gallon Drum Of Cinnabon Frosting
Posted by Zach on May 01 2017

Whether it’s eating cake out of a bucket or looking at car websites non stop, we all have our guilty pleasures.  And for one man in Toronto, his guilty pleasure is Cinnabon.  More specifically, Cinnabon frosting.

On Saturday, this man was seen riding a bus with a 30 gallon drum of the delicious frosting like it was something completely ordinary.  When other passengers took a closer look at the tub, they noticed that it said that it was meant for Taco Bell.  Something tells us that the delicious goo never made it to its intended destination.  

The pictures of this guy have blown up on Twitter and people want to know the back story.  Who knows, maybe mass quantities of Cinnabon icing will pop up on Taco Bell's menu soon!  Any takers?

Tags:  crazyfoodweirdwtf
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