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A Man Is On Pace To Eat His 30,000th Big Mac By May (Video)
Posted by Steve on March 05 2018
Do you have one particular food that you just can't live without? For Don Gorske, it's the Big Mac from McDonald's. You know the burger. Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce blah blah blah. Yeah, they're good. But could you down 30,000 of them? Don thinks he can, and if he keeps up his pace, he'll do just that by May of this year!

For the past 44 years, Gorske has ben eating an average of 14 Big Macs per week. He buys them in bulk and then microwaves them at home. There have only been eight days in the last 44 years that Don hasn't had a Big Mac. Eight! He estimates that Big Macs account for 90-95% of his diet! How his this man still alive?

Back in 2016, Gorsky was recognized By Guinness as the World Record Holder for Big Mac consumption when he downed his 28,788th Big Mac. And now, his sights are set on 30,000. Godspeed, Don. How you're still alive after the past four decades is a mystery, as is whether or not the Big Macs effect your hair style choices.

Source: My Fox 8
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