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A Family Learned That Their 'Leased' Dog Could Be Repossessed (Video)
Posted by Zach on May 05 2017

Whether it's your car or house, repossession is no laughing matter.  But what if your dog could be repossessed?  Well, one family in Georgia found out the hard way that that’s possible.

The Kauble family was just browsing at the local pet store, but then decided impulsively to buy one of the furry friends.  The Kaubles were later shocked to find out that instead of buying the dog outright, they actually leased it.  Yes, leased, as in monthly payments!

William Kauble said that he just didn't notice the stipulation when signing the paperwork because he was focused on his kids’ happiness.  But the contract stipulated that monthly payments needed to be made or the dog could be repossessed, just like a car that you don’t make payments on!  This is not the only complaint that the business has gotten about this leasing engagement.  The good news is that the family was able to pay off the dog without any incident. 

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