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A Band's 'Enema Performance' Got Them Kicked Out Of A Houston Bar (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on February 22 2017

Like everyone else in this situation, we're a little disgusted. We also are not all-too surprised that a band called "Sonic Rabbit Hole" is getting lots of negative attention because one member tried to give another an enema on stage. 

During a cancer fundraiser at AvantGarden in Houston, Texas, Sonic Rabbit Hole decided that they wanted to show some true art and that they are not ashamed of the enema. They actually don't understand why people are so disgusted, as if it's not obvious. 

Apparently, according to the band, there was never any actual s**t involved and it was just a protein shake that leaked from the bag/hose.  But nevertheless, it was disgusting and was a pain to clean up.

It's safe to say with the attention this is getting, Sonic Rabbit Hole will probably not be seeing many more gigs in the Houston area.

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