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  • Polish Idiots Build Makeshift Cannon Out Of A Trash Can (Video)
  • The Most Well Trained Dog Ever? (Video)
  • Camel Toe And Sorority Girls (VIP Video)
  • Zane's Grand Entrance At The Hockey Game (Video)
  • Join Us At The 2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend To Benefit The A-T Children's Project
Wednesday, April 23, 2014
  • The legend of Pervert Dave
  • What makes you part redneck?
  • 7 ways to lose friends and alienate people
  • And much more.
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Camel Toe And Sorority Girls (VIP Video) 04/23/2014
Camel Toe And Sorority Girls (VIP Video)
After the show today while in the office, Free Beer was clicking around the internet looking for content for tomorrow's show.  He came across a video that needed to be shared, but it was much more fun to do it off the air, rather than on the air.  A woman was interviewed by the local news,...
The Most Well Trained Dog Ever? (Video) 04/23/2014
The Most Well Trained Dog Ever? (Video)
This is the kind of video that most dog owners watch and immediately get pissed at because their dog isn't trained nearly as well.  This dog might just well be the most well trained dog ever.  Seriously.  Watch as this pooch obeys every command from his master.  He walks forward,...
Trailer Racing In Iowa (Video) 04/23/2014
Trailer Racing In Iowa (Video)
Earlier this morning on the show, we talked about a photo that was posted online of a man double-fisting Miller Lite and maple syrup at a monster truck show in Nebraska.  That got us on the topic of how everyone is a little redneck in some way. 

We got an email from Chris in Iowa....
Golfer Attacked By Hornets, Jumps In Lake (Video) 04/23/2014
Golfer Attacked By Hornets, Jumps In Lake (Video)
Golfer Pablo Larrazabal of Spain had a pretty memorable round at the Malaysian Open.  While on the fifth hole, he was attacked by a swarm of hornets.  Yup, a swarm of HORNETS!  So what's a golfer to do when he's being attacked by hornets?  He jumps in the lake,...
Powdered Alcohol NOT Approved After All, But May Be Coming Soon (Video) 04/23/2014
Powdered Alcohol NOT Approved After All, But May Be Coming Soon (Video)
Within the last few days, a product called Palcohol gained a ton of attention after reports that the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, part of the Treasury Department, had given approval for the product to be sold.  Palcohol is alcohol that is sold in powdered form.  So...
A Snot-Filled Rendition Of 'Let It Go' (Video) 04/23/2014
A Snot-Filled Rendition Of 'Let It Go' (Video)
There are so many videos of people singing Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen. This poor little fella was singing the song and seemed to have a cold. The results are both disgusting and really entertaining. It's really gross but kind of like a car crash....
Telephones In Your Car: Technology Of The Future From The 1950's (Video) 04/23/2014
Telephones In Your Car: Technology Of The Future From The 1950's (Video)
Are you traveling in your automobile and realize that you need to make an telephone call? Fret no more! Soon, in the very near future (right now) you will be able to speak with your pals by simply picking up the large handset in your dashboard, speaking with a operator who will connect your call, and...
Brian Williams Raps 'Gin And Juice' (Video) 04/23/2014
Brian Williams Raps 'Gin And Juice' (Video)
There are three things in life that 90% of the time can make me smile: Brian Williams (my old man crush), Jimmy Fallon, and rap music. Jimmy Fallon has been making videos of Brian Williams rapping for a while now, and Gin & Juice may be one of my favorites. In a recent interview, Brian...
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