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Jeffrey Ross Interview
Thursday, Jul 03, 2014
We were supposed to talk to Roastmaster and comedian Jeffrey Ross after the show today, but he had a little trouble waking up for the call. But being the true professional that he is, he forged ahead anyway!
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Seether Interview
Tuesday, Jul 01, 2014
We talked to the band Seether on the show this morning about a variety of topics including their new album and their home improvement skills.
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Dan Maurer Interview
Wednesday, Jun 25, 2014
We talked to Dan Maurer on the show this morning. Dan suffers from Scrotal Lymphedema, which has caused his scrotum to balloon to 100 pounds!
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Thomas Haden Church Interview
Wednesday, Jun 18, 2014
This morning on the show, we talked to actor Thomas Haden Church. Church was calling in to promote his new movie Lucky Them, about a rock journalist is assigned to track down an ex-boyfriend.
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Tony Gwynn Interview
Tuesday, Jun 17, 2014
With the news of the passing of baseball Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn yesterday morning, we found an interview that we had with him back in 2007 and re-aired it.
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Dennis Miller Interview
Friday, May 09, 2014
Dennis Miller joined us this morning to promote a bunch of shows he has in areas that the show is heard.
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Gilbert Gottfried Interview
Friday, May 09, 2014
Comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried joined us on the show this morning to talk about a variety of topics and plug his upcoming shows at Zanies in Nashville.
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Bill Burr Interview
Wednesday, May 07, 2014
We talked to Bill Burr this morning about a variety of topics including proper joke timing after tragedies, being labeled "the next Louis C.K.", his unique approach to Shari's Berries endorsements and even his work on one of our favorite TV shows of all time, Breaking Bad.
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Kevin Spacey Interview
Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014
Kevin Spacey joined us on the show today to talk about a variety of topics, including his latest documentary project, 'Now'.
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Kevin Nealon Interview
Friday, Apr 25, 2014
Kevin Nealon joined us at our live show this morning in Nashville with 102.9 The Buzz. He talked about a variety of topics including his first appearance on the Tonight Show, meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time and he even played a round of Paired With an Idiot with us!
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