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  • Deer Has Powdered Donut Stuck To Its Antler (Video)
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Friday, October 31, 2014
  • Food hacks that will change your life
  • Political candidate used to be a stripper
  • Paired With an Idiot
  • And much more.
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Help Lurch's Girlfriend Get A New Harp! (Video) 10/31/2014
Help Lurch's Girlfriend Get A New Harp! (Video)
Hey everyone, Lurch here! So, I've been dating my girlfriend for about two years now. She's extremely talented and knows how to play the harp! Seriously, who knows how to play the harp?! My girlfriend, that's who. Well, I'm trying to help her raise funds so that she can afford a normal size harp...
Music Friday Songs, 10/31 10/31/2014
Music Friday Songs, 10/31

Each Friday, we replace our regular "back-with" music with songs from our own music collection.  They can be anything from corny mashups, rock, country, 70's mid-Michigan butt rock or anything in between.  

Here's the list of Music Friday songs from Friday, 10/31. ...
Proof That Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind (Video) 10/31/2014
Proof That Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind (Video)
Wait a damn minute here...

All these years, we've been lead to believe that musician Stevie Wonder is blind.  But now this?!  How the hell did he see the microphone falling?  And more importantly, how are just seeing this now? 
10 Hours In NYC As A Man (Video) 10/31/2014
10 Hours In NYC As A Man (Video)
Earlier this week, a video received over a million views in the first day when it showed what happens to a woman walking down the streets of NYC.  It showed the true degradation of women as they simply walked around minding her own business....
Vet Removes Dog's Eye Without Owner's Permission (Video) 10/31/2014
Vet Removes Dog's Eye Without Owner's Permission (Video)
Who's the monster that did this to this poor cute pug?!?!  This dog was brought to the vet for a routine checkup, but when the owner picked it up, its eye had been removed without the owners consent. Chloe's eye was a little cloudy, so her owner, Kimberly, dropped her off to the vet on...
The Nicest Bike Theft Victim Ever (Video) 10/31/2014
The Nicest Bike Theft Victim Ever (Video)
This is pretty crazy.

A few weeks back, a guy's bike was stolen in Portland, ME.  Then while walking down the street recently, he saw the bike parked out front of a store.  That's where this video picks up.  He busted through the door of the store yelling, calling out the guy...
Guy Dances Excitedly When Making His Last Alimony Payment (Video) 10/31/2014
Guy Dances Excitedly When Making His Last Alimony Payment (Video)
Who would have thought that divorce could be such a great thing?  Well, this man just made his last alimony payment and he's soooooo excited about it, he dances like Ickey Woods when he's getting some cold cuts in the recent Geico commercial.
Deer Has Powdered Donut Stuck To Its Antler (Video) 10/31/2014
Deer Has Powdered Donut Stuck To Its Antler (Video)
A couple of guys were just out on the river for a day of fishing when they noticed something that has never occurred in nature before.  Across the river, a deer was drinking some water, but something was a little out of the ordinary.  The deer had a powdered donut stuck to its antler!
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