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1. Hot Wings is learning Taekwondo

2. A woman breastfeeds during sex

3. Joe’s car and ticket trouble

4. Fun Pardo interview, the glory days of radio, Tyler’s fun fact, roommate pranks

5. A surprise in the airport soap dispenser has Free Beer worried 

6. Big news at BYU!, Halloween decorations at one house already causing an uproar

7. FBHW Report - More Lawrence O’Donnell audio, Don LaGreca rant, Jerry Lewis’ will

8. Name That Blank

9. Two listeners wrote to us seeking love advice

10. Jimmy Pardo interview

11. FBHW Report - Lady threatens Kardashians, Liam’s tea, woman’s sign in Florida

12. Free Beer found himself in two awkward situations yesterday


14. OCTOSMASH!, WHWT - We’re All Gonna Die!

15. SmashGhetti, what we learned today

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