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Friday, April 24, 2015

1. Woman married 10 times

2. Streaker on flakka runs through Ft Lauderdale

3. Flashback - 75 things that make you a man

4. Zane got a new gun and knows nothing about guns or shooting

5. Popeyes responds after firing a woman after she was robbed

6. Slang words that aren’t used anymore

7. FBHW Report - Captain America and Hawkeye have to apologize

8. Tim Meadows in studio Part 1

9. Tim Meadows in studio Part 2

10. Name That Blank

11. FBHW Report - Obama deflategate joke, MMA fighter’s good sportsmanship

12. This couple got a lot of complaints for the loudest sex in the city

13. Paired With an Idiot

14. Paired With an Idiot, WHWT - Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner are Offensive

15. Tim Meadows and Mookie Wilson, a few random stories, what we learned today

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