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Friday, October 24, 2014

1. Tell us about your inspiring moment part 1

2. Tell us about your inspiring moment part 2

3. Flashback - Free Beer ruined Star Trek for everyone

4. Not live in State College, PA yet, prom problem stories

5. Les Miles crazy postgame rant

6. People's names tattooed on you

7. Live from State College, PA!, show ruining scoreboard

8. Bass vocalist sings All About That Bass

9. Name that blank part 1

10. Name that blank part 2

11. FBHW Report -  Anderson Cooper got someone fired, Ebola in New York

12. Guy wanted strippers private information

13. Paired with an idiot

14. Top 5 fears of Americans, What Hot Wings Thinks

15. I smell like beef kid, What we learned today

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