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Friday, May 22, 2015

1. Old man builds dwarf cars

2. What is the Kylie Jenner challenge

3. Flashback - Old man marathoner Buster Martin

4. We are live in Portland, ME!, Free Beer has twins!, Our flight

5. Guy addicted to running for 46 years

6. New Poltergeist this weekend

7. FBHW Report - Selfie stick car crash, giving birth on graduation day

8. Name that blank

9. Name that blank cash machine

10. Who did we stalk on our trip to Portland?

11. One of the Duggars is a child molestor

12. Who have you stalked?

13. Paired with an idiot

14. Paired with an idiot cash machine, WHWT - Amazon share button

15. Pat Collins' turn, What Have We Learned

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