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Friday, February 5, 2016

1. Johnny Anonymous interview

2. Were you ever busted by the cops for drugs?

3. Flashback - Terribly awkward NBA announcer interaction

4. We’re not live from Radio Row, CWTTAB

5. Joe and Zane arm wrestle and we break down the great arm wrestling films

6. Idiot fills out a job application then steals a car in the parking lot

7. FBHW Report - Chelsea slip up, awkward news transition, funny Jonah Hill story

8. Name That Blank

9. The latest on Johnny Football, Super Bowl prop bets

10. Joe breaks down sports terms, A goat farmer really likes the Broncos

11. FBHW Report - Bernie vs. Hillary audio from last night 

12. FBHW Report - Peyton Manning talk, Martin Shkreli questioned

13. A vaginal weightlifting expert, Joe and Hot Wings describe a play action pass

14. Charissa Thompson bails, some funny Novak memories, Zane’s daughter visiting?

15. Ray Bentley in studio to talk Super Bowl

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