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1. How many germs are on your shoes?

2. David Hasselhoff interview

3. Joe and Hot Wings fight over how much ‘a few’ is

4. Shaq’s big toe, advice for a best man speech 

5. Who has gotten into a fight with their parents’ help?

6. The best 80s drug PSAs

7. FBHW Report - Plinko champ, woman fights off carjackers

8. Name That Blank

9. Cable installer clogs a toilet and the company won’t pay for the repair

10. Let the coin decide

11. Let the coin decide

12. FBHW Report - Kimmel asks random people if they’ve ever been high at work

13. More calls and emails from people who have been high at work

14. Paired With an Idiot, WHWT - Fidget Spinners Jumping the Shark

15. Paired With an Idiot, what we learned today

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