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Monday, October 20, 2014

1. What would you do if you were being robbed?

2. Surveillance video of a rogue mountain lion

3. Flashback - Are you normal in terms of sex?

4. Free Beer was in Indiana this weekend to call a football game

5. Aretha Franklin was a little awkward during a TV interview

6. 15 child stars who turned their back on fame

7. FBHW Report - Australian sees hail, Ebola 911 call, Dane Cook on Bravo

8. Woman mad that Toys R’ Us is selling Breaking Bad action figures

9. The terrible things your friends did to you when you were younger

10. Citizen pulls cop over for driving an unmarked car

11. FBHW Report - Manning record, what did Lou Holtz say?, boiling water challenge

12. Dress Like a Celebrity Day goes way wrong at one high school

13. The awkward times while watching movies with parents in the room

14. FBHW Report - Australian hail, sideline reporter kiss, Ripple hates weather, WHWT

15. The greatest political ad we’ve seen so far, what we learned today

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