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Today's Show

1. The top downloaded Christmas songs of all time

2. Jelly-like creatures wash up on a California beach

3. Fight over a parking space turns into a demolition derby

4. Joe read a depressing article and is pretty bummed

5. Recapping Joe’s big temper tantrum yesterday

6. Quirks that Americans don’t realize are super weird

7. FBHW Report - Man shot over tablet, horse and camel friends, funny pot arrest

8. Name That Blank

9. Let the Coin Decide

10. Let the Coin Decide

11. Justin lets the coin make a huge life decision for him, a few more coin decisions

12. More coin flips!

13. Jimbo and Janebo have some devastating decisions to make

14. The Happy Hour play set is not real, awesome cop deed, WHWT

15. A guy is way too into mannequins and gets busted, what we learned today

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