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Thursday, January 29, 2015

1. Dave Coulier interview

2. Hot head Hot Wings almost broke his toe

3. Flashback - Immortality by 2045, Krang body discussion

4. Our Super Bowl travel day, a picture of Hot Wings that a listener sent in

5. A game of Capture the Flag went poorly for one guy

6. Free Beer’s fake heart attack, famous person confusion

7. Super Bowl pregame entertainment talk 

8. A Texas school does poop inspections

9. We try to take a patience test

10. Frank Claiendo joins us

11. FBHW Report - Funny live read, yoga with dogs, Pelicans ticket sale

12. We finally get to that patience test

13. This is a failure once again, Hot Wings’ bad idea, Carissa Johnson coming up?

14. That definitely wasn’t who we thought it was

15. We might talk to Romanowski, another Marshawn Lynch interview, what we learned

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