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1. Some wedding registry fun with Steve

2. What was your petty revenge?

3. A man was arrested for cranking

4. We had so many follow-up emails to Frank’s flat-earther call yesterday

5. Janebo needs some advice about a crazy situation she’s in with fetishes and a pastor

6. 100-year-old’s winning lottery ticket stolen and the cops take up a collection for him

7. FBHW Report - Angelina Jolie eats spiders, Oswalt’s Trump joke, drug dealer busted

8. Woman has an 85-year-old cookie keepsake, who has the oddest keepsake Part 1

9. Who has the oddest keepsake Part 2

10. Cops fired for having sex while on the job

11. A guy got a little too clingy with a woman he had a crush on

12. Hot Wings found our first show!, the 20th anniversary show, Alex Trebek raps

13. Replaying Janebo’s amazing call from earlier, we think of a way to rat the guy out

14. A major TSA screw-up at JFK, WHWT - MSU Banning Whiteboards

15. Awful women run over birds on purpose, what we learned today

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