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This Man Shows The Exact Opposite Of Road Rage And The World Needs More Of It (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on November 09 2017

A guy on a motorcycle was almost T-boned by another driver who was making a turn and not paying attention. The cyclist luckily wasn't hurt but it'd be enough for anyone to go into a fit of rage. 

We're not sure if he was ready to chase the car down or not but before we even get the chance to find out, the car stops and a man gets out to make sure the motorcyclist is okay. 

They both shake hands and the car driver asks if the other guy is okay about five-hundred times. The two men chat for a minute and the guy on the motorcycle assures he is alright. 

The two men go their separate ways and as the motorcycle speeds away the driver puts down his visor and finally gets a chance to yell. 

Honestly, it's amazing he was able to contain himself and his anger and have a peaceful interaction with the other guy that we can all learn from. 

Of course, we can completely understand what he must have been feeling as he drove away to some degree and we definitely learned a lesson in dignity today! 

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