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Travis Pastrana Talks Nitro Circus 3D, Brainstorming for Stunts and Rubber Dildos [VIDEO]
Posted by Steve on June 20 2012
Travis Pastrana Talks Nitro Circus 3D, Brainstorming for Stunts and Rubber Dildos [VIDEO]
Travis Pastrana has done more dangerous stuff than you and your entire family will ever do in all of your lives. He pulled the first ever double backflip on a motocross bike in competition. He attempted a backflip in a MONSTER TRUCK. He's even backflipped on a freakin' big wheel!

Along with all of this, he's an accomplished motocross star, races rally cars and has most recently gotten in to NASCAR. This guy is basically awesome at anything he tries. On top of all of that, he's a super cool guy.

Pastrana joined us in the studio because he was in town to race at Berlin Raceway. We talked to him about the upcoming release of Nitro Circus 3D and he gave us a little insight on how they brainstorm the stunts they attempt in the movie.

Nitro Circus 3D is in theaters August 10th.
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