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Great Clips
Dumber Than The Show Trivia, 1/19
Dumber Than The Show Trivia, 1/12
Zigz's Holiday Break-in in Nashville
Joe's Holiday Break-in in Grand Rapids
Vinnie's Holiday Break-in in Albany
What Hot Wings Thinks
1. Joe’s chaotic travel back from Germany

2. An airplane dropped something gross on a woman’s house

3. A woman is suing Raisinets over underfilled bags

4. Free Beer’s fat feet and broken back, it’s a fart factory in the studio this morning

5. A mom and her kids built their own house from the ground up

6. 25 douchey things you don’t know you’re doing Part 1

7. Some talk about the ‘Can We Take a Joke’ documentary

8. 25 douchey things you don’t know you’re doing Part 2

9. FBHW Report - Packers/Cowboys, Schroeder/Thomas, MSNBC Russia glitch

10. A really intense little league coach gives a pep talk

11. FBHW Report - Man busted for avoiding tolls with a license plate cover

12. FBHW Report - 10 partners in a day, woman drives into store, Smash Mouth edit

13. Another Smash Mouth edit, listener Warren sent us a sweet gift!

14. There’s a problem with the porta-potties at the inauguration, WHWT

15. Crazy NFL trivia, NFL highlights, what we learned today

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The Greatest Show on Earth is Dead
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Dumber Than The Show Trivia
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