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Who Was The Bigger Travel A-Hole: Free Beer Or Joe?
Posted by Steve on November 14 2016

Over the weekend, two show members were travel a-holes.

Free Beer drank excessively during a four hour layover and then, when stumbling to the bathroom, accidentally referred to an egg-shaped man as a "wobbly little one" OUT LOUD.  He said that he was thinking it in his head, but he accidentally said it out loud due to the alcohol.  

Joe overslept (again) and missed our shuttle to the airport in Albany.  When he finally woke up, he ran down to the hotel lobby and proclaimed, "I paid a lot of money to stay here!" and demanded that another shuttle take him to the airport immediately.  Worth noting is that our hotel rooms were paid for by the radio station, not Joe himself.
So, who was the bigger travel a-hole?
 Free Beer
Tags:  airplanesalcoholfree beerfunnyjoetravel
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