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Were Things Really Better In the Old Days? (Poll)
Posted by Steve on March 07 2013
Were Things Really Better In the Old Days? (Poll)
You always hear about how things were better in the old days.  This morning on the show, we talked about a survey in the Daily Mail in which they asked people to name some of those things.  We went over the list, agreeing with some and disagreeing with some.  The top 15 on their list were:

1. Manners and politeness
2. The weather
3. Bars
4. Schools
5. TV
6. Public transportation
7. Banks
8. Children
9. Music
10. Doctors
11. The police
12. Hollywood movies
13. Politicians
14. Sports
15. Sex
What do you think?  Take the poll below and let us know what you think was

better/worse back in the day.  


Were things better in the old days?
 No, they're better now.
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