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Watch Out For Flying Umbrellas When You're On The Beach This Summer! (Video)
Posted by Steve on May 05 2017
Now that the weather is finally warming up, people are beginning to look ahead to those lovely days that they'll be spending on the beach.  But most may not realize that there's a silent hazard lurking on the beach, waiting to attack: beach umbrellas!

The news story below details two crazy incidents in which people were seriously injured and in one case, nearly killed by beach umbrellas!  One man took the business end of an umbrella right to the eye, causing him to lose the use of that eye, as well as his sense of smell and taste.  And one woman was stabbed in the thigh by a flying umbrella, nearly severing her femoral artery!  Crazy!

So be sure to watch the news story below and take some notes on how to properly secure your umbrella this summer so that you don't become the victim of a random umbrella injury!
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