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Watch A Man Scream In Agonizing Pain While Getting His Armpits Waxed (Video)
Posted by Steve on December 07 2016
Guys, have you ever had the urge to feel the soft, silky smooth skin that's buried beneath your forest of armpit hair?  Of course not!  Because you're a MAN, baby!  There's a reason that hair is there, and it's there to stay, damnit...well, for most of us.

The guy in the video below decided, for some reason, that he wanted to part ways with his pit pubes.  So instead of just taking a razor to them in the comfort of his own home, he opted to go the 40 Year Old Virgin route and have his pits waxed at a salon! Oh, you silly, silly man!  We've all seen the movie.  We know how this all ends.  

We can only assume that his lady friend coaxed him into doing this.  Or perhaps he was paid large sums of money.  Either way, it wasn't worth it, bro.  Not even close.
Tags:  awfulbeautyfailhairouchpain
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