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Watch A Guy Punch A Kangaroo Who Has His Dog In A Headlock (Video)
Posted by Steve on December 05 2016
Most people will do anything to protect their pet.  And never has that been more evident than the case portrayed in the video below!

A TV show in Australia aired a video of a kangaroo with a dog in a headlock.  Fearing for the safety of his canine companion, the owner runs over, faces off with the kangaroo and punches it square in the face!  IN THE FAAAAACE!

The kangaroo just kind of stands there stunned for a few seconds, but eventually hops away, no doubt confused as hell about what just happened.  To its credit, the dog looks pretty calm during the whole ordeal, even though it looks as though the 'roo ripped its neck with its claws. 

Tags:  animalscrazyfightin the faaaaace!wtf
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