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Two Old Ladies Drive Right Into A Massive Hole On Their Way To The Candle Store (Video)
Posted by Zach on December 13 2016

Whether they’re clogging up the roadways with their slow driving or stopping where there is not a stop sign, bad drivers are everywhere.  And the driver in this car is definitely one of the worst drivers out there.  

Two women were driving around Birmingham, Alabama, seemingly in an industrial park, looking for a candle supply store.  In the video, the two women take a turn down an alley and end up driving into a big pit or loading dock of some kind, really screwing up their car.  The car is obviously super messed up just judging by the sound, but these women are hell bent on getting to this candle store!  You’d think that they’d realize that there are other more important things at that exact moment, like re-taking a driver training test…because damn, that car must have gotten super messed up.

Tags:  accidentawfulcarscrashcrazydamagedriverswtf
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