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Trump Has Been Said To Be Playing '3D Chess' And Apparently It's A Real Game (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on December 05 2017
In the media and political realm(s), "three dimmensional" chess has been used to describe politicians with the ability to see "moves" ahead of political adversaries. Now, even with Trump's slip-ups, people wonder if he is playing a form of this and is doing things to throw off opponents! 

So what the heck does this analogy come from? 

Apparently the most famous example comes from Star Trek where Kirk and Spock play a game of chess on a multi-level board.

Someone later went back and reverse-engineered some rules of the game and now we have this even more confusing version of chess! Too bad the creator of the game doesn't really care about it and thinks it's kind of a waste of time. 

Even though the game's creator doesn't even see use for the game, there's still people like this dude with a mullet who are passionate. Tony Britton is the founder of the "Amateur Tri-Dimensional Chess League" where people can play 3D chess with him or other opponents over Facebook and runs his "headquarters" from his garage. 

These couple of experts, although they disagree on the usefulness of 3D chess all say they don't think saying Trump is playing the game is a good analogy. One said it takes a lot of personal responsibility that Trump simply doesn't have while Britton said, "he may think he's playing chess, but he's just moving the pieces and saying 'checkmate.'"

In the end, believe what you want to believe, speak your mind, and we guess you could give 3D chess a try!

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