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This Kid Immediately Regrets Eating A Ghost Pepper (Video)
Posted by Zach on December 05 2016

Kids these days are more dumb than ever.  No one knows exactly why, but damn, the amount of intelligence that kids have has gone way down.  

In this clip, a really stupid kid thinks it would be a good idea to eat a ghost pepper for money.  A habanero pepper is hot in its own right, but a ghost pepper?  Seriously?  The kid totally underestimates the power of the pepper and instantly regrets it.  He starts crying his eyes out because of the insane levels of heat.  Well no s**t Sherlock!  Did you think it was going to be like an ice cream cone?  Total dumbass.

Tags:  cryingfailfoodfunnyhotidiotkidsstupid
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