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The Chagrin Falls Popcorn Ball Has Been Returned! (Video)
Posted by Zach on March 17 2017

The other day, we talked about the town of Chagrin Falls, OH and how their beloved 70-pound popcorn ball had recently been stolen from a storefront.  Well, we have some good news for you!  The popcorn ball is back!

The popcorn ball has mysteriously shown back up from the same store that it was stolen from.  No one knows who stole it and no one knows who put it back.  Lt. Jason Weiskopf of the Chagrin Falls Police Department said that the ball was brought in for questioning, but would not tell the police about its ordeal.  Cute.

Seeing as how not much else happens in Chagrin Falls, we’ll probably hear another update about this silly story in the next few days.

Tags:  crimecriminalsfoodpolicetheftweird news
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