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TV Host Accidentally Reveals MMA Fighter Daniel Cormier's Injury To His Opponent (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on October 20 2016

That awkward moment when you've been trying to keep something under-wraps and a news anchor blabs your personal business to your opponent. 

That's what happened to UFC light heavyweight, Daniel Cormier when he was trying to keep news of a minor knee injury a secret from his opponent, Anthony Johnson. 

Cormier and Johnson were on a Canadian morning show when the host asked Cormier about the injury, to which he responded with awkward body language. Johnson of course looked very intrigued by this new information and when Cormier said that it was supposed to be a secret, the host then apologized (duh, she's Canadian) and asked Johnson what his "kryptonite" was in an attempt to even things out.

So Johnson, go for the knees.  And Cormier, well, go for his grandma if you're really terrible. 

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