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See What Happens When A Hippo Attacks A Truck (Video)
Posted by Zach on November 29 2016

S**t! S**t! Oh s**t!”  That more of less sums up this short video clip.  Those words are the only ones spoken for this entire clip.  And they come from a man driving in a truck who happens upon a big ‘ol hippo.  

Hippos have been known to charge at people who get in their territory.  Well, the hippo charged the truck and destroyed the front of it, all while this poor dude just sat there cursing.  You have to skip to the 24 second mark so that you can see the damage the massive beast caused.  After you see the damage, even you will say, “Oh S**t!”

Tags:  animalscarscrazydamagedriverfunnytrucks
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