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San Diego Brewery Making Beer With Recycled 'Toilet Water' (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on March 20 2017

With our show being based in Grand Rapids, MI, AKA "Beer City, USA,” we’re no strangers to some odd ideas for new beers, but this one deserves to be flushed down the toilet which is, ironically, where it came from.  Now, we're all for recycling and sustainability, but San Diego's Stone Brewing's "Pure Water" beer has some a little flushed

No, they do not just scoop up the water straight from the toilet, but they do get it from the city's "pure water facility,” which is basically the water treatment facility. They filter the water and have specific purification standards and it will apparently have great effects on the environment. 

The only issue we really have with this whole thing is that people have nicknamed it "toilet to tap" beer, and that’s gross. We’ll stick to our toilet-free beers, thanks though. 

Tags:  alcoholbeergrosswtf
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