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Reporter Falls In Love With Australian Surfer Bro During Interview, Chases After Him (Video)
Posted by Clown Hair Wet Hands on July 18 2016
Australia is a weird place.  They've got boomerangs which, like a creepy stalker, keep coming back to you no matter how many times you throw them away.  And now, they have awkward, one-sided love scenes straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book invading their news channels!

Imagine a sad, lonely beach on a cloudy day where a news reporter is caught in a moment of intrigue as she asks a bro-ey surfer in his swimsuit what he thinks of the recent shark-related media. As he projects his opinion on to the reporter, she is stunned in a statue-like trance, as she watches him exclaim his opinion to her. After he finishes, he runs in to the distance, leaving her confessing her love to the camera. Then, as swiftly as she confessed her feelings, she takes off running after her infatuated love.

Again, Australia is a weird place. 
Tags:  awkwardfunnyrelationshipsreportertelevision
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