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Pastor Has To Apologize After Posting Video Of Obese Woman In Wheelchair Being Towed By Truck (Video)
Posted by Steve on January 10 2017
A pastor in Kansas City, MO had to apologize to a woman after a video he posted of her to Facebook went viral.  

Last week, Pastor Lamond Rushing was driving in Kansas City when he witnessed something pretty strange: an obese woman in a motorized wheelchair being towed by a full size pickup truck!  Rushing recorded the video and posted it to Facebook with the comment, "Only in Kansas City."  

The video quickly spread and was shared thousands of times.  Many commented and mocked the woman, while many others defended her and demanded that Rushing take the insensitive video down.

It turns out that the woman, Becky Kittrell, was out and about when her wheelchair died in the freezing temperatures.  A passerby in a truck stopped to help and towed Kittrell back to her house, not knowing that Rushing was recording the whole ordeal.

After the video went viral and the pastor was contacted by the news, he took the video down off of Facebook and apologized to Kittrell.  He said that he meant no harm, but was just posting it because it was a strange sight to see.
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