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New Law In New York Means Parents Of Bullies Will Have To Pay The Price (Video)
Posted by Maitlynn on October 12 2017
The North Tawanda, New York Common Council recently passed a law that will hold parents responsible for their child's bullying behavior. 

According to the law, if a child is found bullying another student, their parent will either pay a $250 fine or spend 15 days in jail. 

A parent of a bullied child, Victoria Crago said, “We didn’t feel like maybe anything was being done and then all of a sudden I heard about this ordinance going through so it was shocking and welcomed." 

Crago said other parents felt violence and bullying was getting out of hand so they started the Facebook group, "North Tonawanda Coalition for Safe Schools and Streets." 

The mayor of North Tawanda said the law is more aimed towards preventing bullying activity and will hold parents more accountable for their children. 
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