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Need A New Car? You Could By This '98 Ford Taurus Covered In Over 30,000 Coins! (Video)
Posted by Brandon on December 19 2016

Most people avoid pennies whenever possible. There have even been discussions about getting rid of the penny altogether. It costs more to make a penny than it’s actually worth, so why keep them around? So with that knowledge, would you want to buy a car that's covered in pennies? How about a used ’98 Ford Taurus, for the low, low price of $34,500?  That's right, a nearly 20-year-old car covered in 50 silver dollars, 4,200 nickels, and 28,500 pennies. That's $545 in change on a $2,000 car.  And the seller wants $34,500. 

Boy, this sure seems like a steal and it’s shocking that no one has put in an offer on the car yet! Leroy Wall of St. Louis is the owner of the Money Car and it's unclear why he invested so much time, effort and coins into this project, but it is undoubtedly a waste of his time.

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