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Man Yells 'Bill Clinton Is A Rapist!' During Live 'Fox & Friends' Broadcast (Video)
Posted by Steve on October 03 2016
Sometimes, you just want people to hear what you have to say.  In the case of this man, he just needed to tell the world that he believes that Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, is a rapist.  So he yelled that repeatedly over the weekend during a live Fox & Friends broadcast.  

You can see the man position himself in the background and then reveal a Clinton-themed shirt, while yelling "Bill Clinton is a rapist!" over and over again.  He was eventually tackled by security.

The Hill reports that the whole incident could be traced back to Alex Jones, the conservative radio host.  Apparently, last week, Jones said on his radio show that he'd pay $5,000 to any one of his listeners who appeared on national television yelling the phrase.  And they'd get an extra $1,000 if they were wearing the shirt portraying Clinton, with the word "Rapist" under his photo.  Well, Alex, it's time to pay up!  This guy's got $6,000 coming his way!
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