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Little Girl Waiting To Get Baseball Player's Autograph Leaves Line To Get A Soldier's Autograph (Video)
Posted by Zach on February 23 2017

Tear-jerking and inspirational moments happen all around us everyday.  Whether it is a soldier coming home from overseas or a little kid doing something that is truly amazing, those moments captivate the world.  And one seven-year-old did something that not many kids would do when it comes to getting autographs that is truly inspirational.

On Monday, Makenna Woodburn was waiting in line to get autographs from players at a Boston Red Sox spring training game.  Woodburn then got out of line and walked over to Army Reservist Olyvia Russell and asked her for her autograph instead!  

Woodburn said that she wanted an autograph from a true hero.  Russell said it was weird, but also nice because it made her feel that her decision to go into the Army was the right one.  This kid is wise well beyond her years.  How amazing is that!?!

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