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KFC Lets A Customer Use A 30-Year-Old Coupon (Video)
Posted by Steve on January 10 2017
It's always a bummer when you find a coupon in your wallet or stuffed in a drawer somewhere that has already expired.  That short-lived excitement of getting a great deal?  All gone.  But just because that coupon is expired, don't let your money-saving dreams be squashed!

Paul Boyd of North Carolina, for reasons unknown, has held on to a KFC coupon that expired in 1986.  And just recently, since it was the 30-year-anniversary of the expiration of the coupon, he decided to try and cash it in for the Tuesday meal deal.  With the coupon, he could get a three-piece chicken meal for just $2.59, instead of the nearly $9 that the same meal goes for these days!  The restaurant he went into honored the coupon, everyone took a picture together and Boyd saved seven bucks.

It just doesn't seem worth it to carry that thing around for 30 years for such a small savings.  But to each their own! 
Tags:  foodmoneyrestaurantssale
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